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Hear our Youth Engagement Manager, Verity, talk about trans inclusion in sports in this episode of Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness.

Take a stand for trans-inclusion in sports

In recent months, various international sporting bodies have announced policies effectively banning trans women from competing. We think these blanket bans are unfair, unfounded and discriminatory, and more than 2,000 individuals and organisations agree with us.

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Let kids swim

Swimming is just one of the sports to recently introduce a blanket ban on trans women competing at elite level. We take a look at how policies like this impact the people we support.

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Who are we supporting?

We support:

  • Young people to find inclusive sports opportunities local to them
  • Parents, guardians, and carers seeking to help young people get involved in sports
  • Schools, clubs, grass roots groups and national governing bodies seeking to improve trans and nonbinary inclusion in sport

Want to work together to support trans and gender diverse young people in sports? Get in touch!

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New: Young People and Sport

In July 2022, we launched an online survey asking trans
youth aged 11-16 what their experiences were of participating in sport and physical exercise. Here’s what we found out.

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“”The freedom I feel when I’m out on my bike with my mind running free, it’s liberating.”

I have read a lot of articles about Verity before and he was the only trans man I could find who played rugby. I’m really happy that I can talk to him, it’s definitely put me a little more at ease about transitioning and playing rugby.

Miles, 15

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