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Empowering professionals, through increased knowledge and resources, to create a trans inclusive ethos. Equipping professionals with the most up to date and relevant information, enabling them to be confident in supporting the gender diverse community and embracing all members of the trans population within their organisation.

Training was great for raising awareness of what gender identity is and how many young people are affected”

School teacher, training session

Our training

Mermaids is proud to offer our tailored, CPD Accredited suite of training modules to professionals seeking a better understanding of gender issues.  For educational organisations, the training encompasses everything you need to know for RSE trans inclusion.

We offer a range of trans-inclusive diversity awareness training, specifically tailored to your needs.

If you would like to register your interest, then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Thank you for the training; it was delivered brilliantly and in such wonderful detail. It was easy to understand, was explained clearly and in an accessible way. I now feel more confident in supporting and advocating for our young people.”

Secondary school teacher, May 2021

Thank you for increasing my awareness, knowledge and confidence and promoting discussion and action within our team of how we can improve.”

Training, April 2021

We regularly train professionals seeking to learn, listen and improve, in the NHS, schools, social services, CAMHS, police and uniformed services as well as other charity, corporate and public sector clients. We can also deliver training to support HR departments and management to be supportive and understanding of the needs of transgender employees, and how to ensure that your policies and procedures are inclusive. Unconscious bias and discrimination is still prevalent; we can help you tackle this.

We tailor all of our training to the specific needs and timings of each enquiry. For example, if you are a school supporting a child to transition, or an NHS trust wishing to upskill key staff members with information and understanding of gender variance in children and young people. All training comes with a certificate for attendees, links to further information and materials, free resources and follow on support. Our training packages are certified by the CPD Association (member organisation 12757).

Content in a typical training session

  • Understanding gender identity and gender diversity: what it means to be trans or gender diverse
  • Transgender terminology
  • Challenges faced by trans young people: isolation, bullying and discrimination, family issues, social situations, mental health, transitioning while in education/workplace etc.
  • Transition pathways, including healthcare
  • Changing names, systems and forms
  • Legal responsibilities: the Equality Act, hate crime incidents, transphobia
  • Managing single-sex spaces
  • Improving trans equality and diversity: policies, guidance, recommended resources

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It provided me with a wealth of information and the confidence to support young people and their families in my role.”

Social Worker, Training 2021

I struggle with knowing what the right vocabulary to use with students and knowing the clear definitions of different gender identities that there are out there. I now know these so thank you.”

Head teacher
  • Past projects: Department for Education (2017-19)

    Mermaids have supported many families and young people dealing with bullying and discrimination due to their gender identity. As part of that support, we delivered training into schools to help them understand the issues that children face and to give them the understanding and tools to both support those children and to tackle bullying in all forms.

    Mermaids was funded by the DfE to deliver training into 40 schools nationwide as part of a partnership of multiple organisations, through the LGBT Consortium. An overview of what this covered is below, and if your organisation would like to undertake a similar program, we can deliver this.


    The overall purpose is to reduce the number of incidents of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying in primary and secondary schools, by transforming the culture of how schools prevent and respond to HBT bullying in a sustainable way.


    The programme aims to do this in three main ways:

    • To prevent HBT bullying from happening in the first place
    • To effectively respond to HBT bullying when it does occur
    • To create an inclusive school environment for trans pupils and families


    • Improving school staff capacity and confidence to tackle HBT bullying
    • Support from experienced professionals worth up to £1500
    • Comprehensive development plan for your school’s anti-HBT work
    • Support around creating and embedding policy and practice around tackling HBTbullying
    • Training and support for school staff
    • Access to a range of resources including lesson plans, supporting documents, helpline

I liked how each section was linked with videos and clear explanations of vocabulary (sometimes new vocabulary for me!) Fab!”

Deputy headteacher, school training

Pronouns, language and hearing from the young people themselves, in fact every section was full of gems and broadened and deepened my understanding.”

GP, training 2021