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What’s going on?

The Government has delayed its discriminatory schools’ guidance, as its current approach to trans young people would be harmful and unworkable. However, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan has made clear the Government isn’t changing its tact any time soon.

In a statement on Thursday 20 July, Keegan undermined the well-documented benefits of social transition, disregarded the experiences of trans young people, and created even greater confusion and uncertainty for schools when she should be supporting them to deliver the best possible education for all children and young people.

By following the Government’s advice as it stands, we believe schools would be creating a harmful and discriminatory environment, and making life more difficult for trans young people, who already experience higher levels of bullying, absenteeism and poor mental health.

We’re urging the Government to rethink its approach and protect trans young people in schools. Please join us.

What should schools be doing now?

It’s important to remember that no guidance has yet been issued, and schools are under no obligation to follow the Government’s approach. 

While they wait for guidance to be published, we would recommend schools continue to ensure the safety of trans young people, and act within the law, which states a young person cannot be excluded from single-sex spaces without fair reason. 

There are examples of good practice out there that teachers and schools can draw on, including Brighton and Hove’s Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit, the Scottish Government’s Transgender Schools Guidance, NSPCC’s Safeguarding LGBTQ+ children and young people page, and Good Law Project’s Legal Advice.

At Mermaids, we also offer tailored, CPD Accredited training modules to teachers and other professionals seeking to better support their trans students and colleagues. 

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How can I get involved?

Please write to your MP using our tool at the top of this page and ask them to urge the Education Secretary to rethink her approach to trans pupils in schools.

Share your story

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