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Are you concerned about a decision that your child’s school is making regarding their gender identity?

In December 2023, the Department for Education released draft guidance for schools and colleges in England on trans and gender-questioning students (read about it here). It is open to consultation until 12 March, and there is no duty to pre-emptively apply its worrying proposals. 

Mermaids is aware that some schools are already changing previously-agreed support for trans students based on the guidance. For example, a decision not to use a young person’s new name and pronouns. 

If you are concerned about a decision that your child’s school is planning to make or has made in respect of your child, we have created a template letter that you can use should you wish.

This template letter can be used irrespective of whether the decision was made as a result of the draft guidance, or not.

The template was prepared by a firm of solicitors, instructed by Mermaids. You can use the template letter to help you set out your concerns and obtain a full response from the school.

Please note that this is your letter. This template aims to assist you in setting out your concerns in a helpful way. It is for you to ensure what you send is accurate and in accordance with your own circumstance.

Please be aware that there is usually a six month time limit from the date of the discriminatory incident/decision to get your claim to court.

Mermaids cannot take on individual cases unfortunately, however if you need support, we are here for you on 0808 801 0400 and via email and webchat, 9am-9pm, Monday to Friday. 

Last updated: 24 January 2024