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We have been following the developing situation regarding allegations of racism at Pride in London with growing concern. The resignation of Pride in London’s Director of Communications, Rhammel Afflick, followed by the entire Community Advisory Board, raises important questions for those who claim issues of discrimination at Pride in London are a thing of the past.

The departure of staff and volunteers reflects broader issues around structural racism within society, and as a charity currently working hard to confront our own challenges around the meaningful inclusion of Black, Asian and racialised trans people, we call on Pride in London to take swift and meaningful action.

Let’s be clear, Mermaids has itself failed to fully represent people of colour. We know from our own hard experience, how that can risk excluding those most in need of support and amplification and we continue to work towards making Mermaids a space where all young trans, non-binary and gender diverse people feel welcomed, heard and seen.

We are listening to those impacted by the issues raised around Pride in London. Those already experiencing racism on a daily basis, deserve to have their complaints respected and investigated rigorously.

Today, we join calls for the Mayor’s office to launch an immediate investigation into these alarming accounts of marginalisation and bullying of volunteers, with publication of the outcome.

Pride in London has long been a source of empowerment for many trans and gender diverse children, young people and families and we offer solidarity to people of colour who are standing up to make Pride in London the safe and inclusive celebration it deserves to be.