Mermaids Youth

Please answer all of the following questions and send your answers by email to

1. What are your reasons for wishing to join the group?

2. What is your date of birth?

3. What is your postal address?

Please read the rules here before answering the next two questions.  These rules state that they are for the Parents Group but they are the same for the Teens Group too.

4. Have you read the rules?

5. Do you agree to abide by the rules?

6. What is your full name?

7. What is your preferred name (if applicable)?

8. What is your email address?

9. What is your telephone number?

(this is so a member of the admin team can call you for a confidential chat prior to approving your membership. Our number will come-up as "withheld" when we call. This is for complete confidentiality.)