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On Saturday 9th July, Mermaids staff, volunteers and friends marched at Trans Pride London with over 20,000 others.

In 30-degree heat, the trans community along with its allies shut down the roads of central London from Wellington Arch to Soho Square through to Piccadilly Circus. 

Along the route, there were chants calling for “trans rights now,” “trans people are valid” and cheers from both the marchers and people lining the pavements. 

We marched for trans visibility, for trans inclusion in the Ban Conversion Therapy bill, for better health care for trans people, for trans inclusion in sport and for all the trans lives taken too soon.

Once we got to Soho Square, the crowd filtered into the space which quickly filled up. A makeshift stage was put up in the centre. 

The afternoon was filled with inspirational speakers from the community, with the likes of Charlie Craggs, Lucia Blayke, Yasmin Finney and more taking to the stage. Each speaker brought their own energy and focus to the crowd. From talking about the need to celebrate trans joy, positive trans representation in mainstream media, what it means to pass, and demanding for trans rights. 

It was so joyful to see how many people came to stand up for the trans community. As trans people, we are so used to hearing our identities be spoken about by others without the option to have our voices heard. So, to be in a crowd of over 20,000 people all showing up and speaking up for us was refreshing to see. 

I hope the energy, joy and power inspires and gives hope to everyone in the community that there is so much love for us out there.

Photo by Shivani Dave