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Live consultations

We regularly update this page with live public consultation and inquiries that you may wish to personally respond to.

What do we mean by public consultations or inquiries?

The Government and public bodies will often publish a ‘consultation’, ‘inquiry’ or call for evidence on a specific topic, to hear directly from the public to ensure that any policy that is developed is informed by those who either have lived experience, support those who do (like Mermaids!) or who are knowledgeable about that topic. The insight they gather from people’s responses then goes on to hopefully shape that government or public policy.  

Why respond to consultations?

Consultations are your chance to tell the Government and others why change is needed, and what exactly needs to change!

Your voice and your insights are powerful, and although Mermaids will always support you in amplifying your voice, consultations are an opportunity for you to share your own personal stories, your thoughts, your ideas of how the Government and others can work to ensure they’re truly supportive Trans* young people across the country!

Ongoing live consultations you can respond to:

If you have any questions or concerns about the live consultations or inquiries listed above, or you are aware of an ongoing consultation or inquiry that is not currently listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Policy Team at [email protected].