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In 2018, the Government said they were going to ban so-called conversion “therapy” for all LGBT+ people but it took until 2021 for a consultation to be launched.

That consultation closed on 4 February 2022, with the community waiting for the Government to analyse the feedback and publish a draft Bill.

Then on 31 March 2022, it was revealed that the Government had changed their minds, with banning conversion therapy seemingly no longer a priority.

There was a furious response from the LGBTQIA+ community, and less than 24 hours, the Government did a U-Turn and said they would ban conversion therapy after all – but not for trans people.

We’re not giving up, though, and neither are our allies. In less than a week, tens of thousands of people have written to their MPs asking them not to leave trans people behind, and we are still pushing for a trans-inclusive ban which outlaws conversion practices:

1. In all forms,
2. For all LGBTQIA+ people, 
3. Of all ages,  
4. In all settings.

In May 2022, in response to a viral petition, it was announced that parliament will debate the issue of transgender conversion therapy at 4.30 on Monday 20 June.

Ahead of the debate, MPs on the Petitions Committee have written to the Government, asking:

1. What evidence has informed the Government’s decision not to include transgender conversion therapy in the proposed ban on conversion practices
2. For more details on the “separate work” the Government says it will do to consider the issue of transgender conversion therapy
3. When the Government intends to publish its response to the consultation banning conversion therapy.

You can watch the debate live on the parliament website.

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