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We welcome the proposal set forward in the Queen’s Speech to ban the horrendous practice that is so-called “conversion therapy”. 

We, as LGBTIQ* people, are victim to “conversion therapy” if someone seeks to convert, cancel, cure, or change a person’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity. 

We call for the Government to publish a full and comprehensive Bill, that bans conversion practices:

1. In all forms,
2. For all LGBTIQ+ people, 
3. Of all ages,  
4. In all settings.

It is vital that all forms of so-called conversion therapy are banned, in all settings including psychological, medical, privately in families and communities, and, crucially, in faith and religious settings. The National LGBT Survey 2018 found that 51 per cent of people who underwent conversion practices were subjected to it by faith-based organisations.

Lui Asquith, Director of Legal and Policy

Beyond a ban, a Bill must provide for statutory support for those at risk of, undergoing or survivors of conversion practices. This support includes publicly funded specialist support for both current and former victims, mental health support, a helpline, regional needs assessments, and a statutory duty to house those escaping the risk of conversion. In addition, there must be specialist awareness and safeguarding training for relevant institutions with a statutory duty to report on those who are at risk of being subjected to conversion practices.

The ban must not preclude safe and supportive therapies, delivered by suitable qualified and regulated professionals, that assist people to explore and better understand their sexuality, gender identity and/or gender expression.  

What Now?

It has almost been 3 years since the Government promised to ban conversion therapy. 

We say: No More Delay! – and – No More Consultations! 

Any more delay is time wasted and it simply leaves more LGBTIQ* people being subjected to conversion therapy without protection. 

There is no excuse for abuse. 

The Government must now set out a clear timetable that enables Parliament to pass legislation as soon as possible and ensures no one is at risk of or harmed by these inhumane and degrading practices a moment longer.

You can access support in the UK from several organisations that you can find HERE.