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Level up your fundraising for Mermaids through livestreaming!

Livestream fundraising

Tiltify is an online platform letting you easily fundraise through your livestream broadcasts on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube. You can play videogames or just have fun with your friends. Whichever way you want to engage your followers; we can support your fundraising online.

Trans and gender diverse young people can feel isolated due to challenges in their daily lives. We know from speaking to families that many of our children and young people find friends and a sense of community online, so showing your support on your livestream will mean the world to the children, young people and families we support.

Where do I start?

There are many ways you can raise money through livestreaming, here are just a few ideas to get you going:

  • Play your favourite game and set fun challenges for yourself. For example, you can only use one type of weapon to win, or your viewers can donate money to suggest new ways for you to play.
  • Set a marathon challenge; get a team together and game for 24h straight
  • Speed run – see how quickly you can complete a game
  • Record yourself and your friends completing challenges – for example if you reach a certain fundraising milestone you might complete a food challenge (but please, no cinnamon challenges!)

Top Tips

Once you’ve decided on what your stream will be, sign up for an account on your chosen platform and choose Mermaids as the charity you’d like to support. Here are some tips to boost your stream:

  • Plan well in advance to give you time to get the word out there and make your stream engaging
  • Set a fundraising target – having a target on the page has been shown to raise more money
  • Promote your stream on social media to build anticipation of the event
  • Let people know why you chose Mermaids and the reasons that supporting transgender and gender diverse young people is important to you
  • If you’re planning to use incentives, make sure you establish those ahead of the stream going live
  • Think about whether you want to do giveaways to keep your viewers engaged, perhaps you have something lying around you don’t need
  • Thank people on the livestream for their donations, it will make your supporters feel valued and part of the event
  • Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll discuss with you how we can best support your stream

Once you’re ready to go, get streaming! Most people use Twitch as it’s the most well-known streaming platform, but if you prefer something else, like YouTube or Mixer, that’s ok too.

To chat to and engage your viewers you will likely want to use a microphone and webcam as well. There are lots of guides available online about how to create an awesome livestreaming setup.

Stay safe

Livestreaming is lots of fun, however make sure you look after yourself during your livestream.

  • Take regular breaks, especially if you and your stream team are doing a marathon session
  • Limit your time online
  • Stay hydrated
  • Relax your eyes by taking regular screen breaks
  • If you are not feeling well at any time, stop your stream. Your health and wellbeing is most important.

Final thoughts

If you choose to stream a game that is rated 18+ you need to mark your stream age appropriately on your chosen streaming platform. Similarly if you feel the content of your stream is not going to be PG-rated you need to make this clear.

To ensure our supporters are staying safe online and looking after their wellbeing, we ask that all streamer event organisers who support Mermaids are 18+. If you are under 18 we ask that you gain parental consent and that parents take steps to ensure you are playing safe online.

We hope you enjoy streaming for Mermaids and don’t forget to get in touch with [email protected] to discuss how we can support your event.