Please read the following rules and code of conduct very carefully and then answer the questions on the web form before membership can be approved.

Please note that this is not a list for transgender adults with children, but is for the parents/guardians of “children in the UK (up to and including age 19) who are gender questioning, gender variant and/or transgender.” only (including parents who are trans themselves).

Those with older children should contact Depend –

***PLEASE READ: Mermaids takes the safety and privacy of all its members very seriously, which is why we need to have the information requested. It will only be shared by the admin team on this group – the moderators – and will not be seen by anyone else at all. This information is necessary for us to determine whether this is the right group for you, and if you are right for this group, where personal and private information is shared by members, ensuring that it remains a safe and private space for families and their young vulnerable people.***

Thank you



Please note:
As you are aware, Mermaids-UK-parents is specifically a list for parents/guardians of children with any kind of gender non-conformity – the upper age limit for their children when joining is currently 19, which will be strictly adhered to (except for the moderators and listowner). Those new applicants with older children should contact

  1. All members are expected to post a brief intro to the list about themselves shortly after joining (normally within 7 days) – continued membership will be dependant upon their doing so.
  2. The list should be treated as confidential: nothing posted to the list may be quoted or reproduced anywhere else without the permission of the original author and of any list member who is quoted or referred to in the message.
  3. It is also forbidden to reveal the identity, email address or any other personal contact details of any other list member to any third party.
  4. Harassment of another list member, whether on the list or off it, is unacceptable and may result in your removal from the list. (So if anyone has grounds for complaint, please contact [email protected])
  5. Personal flaming (deliberately goading or annoying other members) is best ignored, but if flame wars become disruptive to other users a public warning will be issued by the moderators. Flaming of groups of people is also unacceptable: for example, don’t say “I hate transpeople…” when you mean “Some transpeople annoy me because…”.
  6. Advertising on list by people with “vested interest” in a business or products, or spamming by individuals or companies will not be allowed.
  7. We hope that the list will be essentially self-ruling but the moderators reserve the right to take action against any individual should they see fit. Such action may involve issuing a warning to, or  barring from the list, any individual who breaches this code of conduct, or who shows by their actions that they do not have the best interest of other users of the List at heart.

 Disclaimer – members are warned to be careful when using the internet not to give out personal contact details in response to private mails etc., and to be careful about meeting people they have got to know on the ‘net – Mermaids, its owner and moderators and Mermaids support groups take no responsibility for the safety of their members and users as they go about their lives.

Please address any queries regarding these Rules, or the administration of the List, directly to: [email protected]