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Show your support for trans youth with…

The Jingle Jam 2022

…and take Mermaids’ support to the next level.

Jingle Jam: 1-14 December

We are immensely grateful to the Jingle Jam team for their phenomenal fundraising efforts over the first two weeks of December! Jingle Jam’s support means that we can provide more opportunities for trans young people to connect, be themselves, experience trans joy, and thrive. Over 2023, our team will be working to put the money raised towards our local groups, events and residential weekends. Thank you Jingle Jam!

What is Jingle Jam?

Only the world’s biggest charity streaming event (read their incredible story here)!

Jingle Jam starts on 1 December and runs for two weeks, during which time they’ll
raise as much money as possible for their 12 charities.

The best part? You have the chance to get involved and support trans youth in the process
(just scroll down to find out how).

What does being part of Jingle Jam mean for Mermaids?

Aside from simply being a part of all the fun, the funds raised will enable us
to provide more opportunities for trans young people to access support and connect with
their community. Jingle Jam’s support will mean that we can develop our local groups and
events in a way that fits the needs of our young people.

It’s been tough for the trans community recently, but Jingle Jam are working with
Mermaids to ensure the future is full of opportunities for trans joy to shine through and be