Parents questionnaire

Please answer all of the following questions and send your answers by email to

1. What are your reasons for wishing to join?

2. What is your child's age

3. How does your child express their gender identity?

4. Which country do you live in?

5. What is your nearest city/town?

Please read the rules here before answering the next two questions

6. Have you read the rules?

7. Do you agree to abide by the rules?

8. What is your full name?

9. What is your email

10. What is your telephone number, landline (if available) and mobile?
(this is so a member of the admin team can call you for a confidential chat prior to approving your membership. Our number will come-up as "withheld" when we call. This is for complete confidentiality.) 

11. Please attach a recent document containing your name and address. We don’t retain this document, but it is required to verify identity and to make sure that the groups are protected and that applicants are genuine

For ID, ideally we need to see something dated within the last three months and it needs to be from a third party.  Examples would include:

  • Council tax bill (this can be over three months old, so long as it is the bill for 2018-19)
  • Bank/credit card statement,
  • HMRC/DWP/NHS/Job Centre Plus letter,
  • Gas/electric/water bill
  • Driving licence.