Changing your NHS details

Changes to NHS Number and Identity

The process has recently changed and the guidance is currently under revision. It is not yet available online. The following is the draft information on the new process.
There is a simple process of changing identity, which is accepted by many government departments including the Department of Health.

• The patient tells their GP that they are transitioning and that in future they would be known by their new name and gender. They can write a "statutory declaration", they may have a deed poll document, or they may simply make the request. This request should be in writing, signed by the patient. There is no requirement for a GRC in order to change identity.

• The GP writes to PCSE (Primary Care Services England). The GP may write a letter of support confirming the gender role change and that this change is intended to be permanent, but this is not a requirement.

• The PCSE then writes to the Personal Demographics' Service National Back Office. The National Back Office will create a new identity with a new NHS number and requests the records held by the patient's GP. These records are then transferred to the new identity and forwarded to the GP

• On receipt, the GP surgery changes any remaining patient information including the gender marker, pronouns and names.

For information, PCSE are now the main controllers of primary care services in England, including medical record movements, payments, screening, registrations, etc.
The CCG are not responsible for managing GP registrations or change of identities.

Contact details for PCSE are:-
0333 0142 884

Changing your NI Number - Department to write to:
Customer Operations,
National Insurance Contributions Office,
Special Section D BP9207,
Benton Park View,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE98 1ZZ