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NHS England has today (12 March 2024) announced that from 1 April they will no longer routinely prescribe puberty blockers. They will be available in the future, but only through a mandatory research trial.

This announcement is deeply disappointing, and a further restriction of support offered to trans children and young people through the NHS, which is failing trans youth. There were virtually no first appointments offered in 2023, with ever-growing waiting lists of over five years.

Those currently prescribed puberty blockers won’t see any changes to their treatment, and this is a pause on prescribing – not a ban. It’s also important to note that puberty blockers can be just one possible part of a young person’s gender journey. However, this news still comes as a blow and will deeply affect our communities.

As well as providing support to children, young people and families, as we have for 29 years, Mermaids will continue to advocate strongly for access to timely, holistic and supportive healthcare for trans youth, including access to puberty blockers for those who need them. Everyone deserves access to healthcare, and to live happy and healthy lives. Trans youth are no exception.

If you need support, please contact our helpline on 0808 801 0400. We are here for you.