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After a period of considerable anxiety and uncertainty, we are pleased that the Minister for Women and Equalities has stated unequivocally that her department will not be rolling back the rights of trans people. However, the Gender Recognition Act consultation was intended to improve the lives of trans people, never to regress their rights, and it is a sad reflection that three years of anguish, delays and assurances have so far achieved nothing more than a promise things won’t get worse.

We call on the Government to publish in full the response to the Gender Recognition Act consultation for England and Wales, without any further unnecessary delay.

Today, the Minister for Women and Equalities told Parliament that she intends to make sure trans people:

…are able to live their lives without fear and we will be making sure that is the case.”

This will offer some small reassurance following previous statements. However, if trans people of all ages and their families are to live without fear, then they must be confident that access to support and state recognition of their gender will not be prevented or undermined by the Government. 

We call again for an accessible and humane system, allowing all trans and non-binary people of all ages to be legally recognised without ambiguity and for the system to ensure that trans people can live their lives without prejudice and discrimination. 

As a children’s charity, we specifically seek reassurance at the earliest opportunity for the young trans people we represent. We also, in partnership with many other trans-led and trans-inclusive organisations, extend our solidarity to the wider transgender community and call for the Prime Minister to ‘get the job done’ in bringing forward a new chapter in our country’s proud history of LGBTQ+ acceptance and equality.

The Prime Minister has confirmed that there will be a response ‘over the summer’. In the meantime, we urge the public to call or write to your MP, the Minister for Women and Equalities and Number 10. Politicians must hear their voters call for trans rights.

We know it has been tough lately and we want to reiterate that Mermaids is determined to represent our service and press for meaningful change until each and every trans and non-binary person is offered the same safety and dignity as anyone else in modern British society.