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Can the discussion about trans children please now become less toxic and abusive

Statement about Good Morning Britain and Caroline Farrow

Today we were asked for a statement by Good Morning Britain. This was because tomorrow morning they plan to interview the tweeter who sent the following vile tweets about our CEO and her daughter.

Caroline Farrow tweet 1 October 4th 2018  Caroline Farrow tweet 2 October 4th 2018  Caroline Farrow tweet 3 October 4th 2018  Caroline Farrow tweet 4 October 4th 2018

We were not, however, asked by Good Morning Britain to appear or to put someone up for interview.  

This is our statement.

Until recently, the tweeter had maintained the issue was about simple misgendering. She had deleted the tweets. Some media outlets, without checking, accepted these allegations at face value.  

Since we published the tweets here the tweeter now acknowledges that it was not about simple misgendering but that she had all along intended to shock by the use of offensive language.  

The online discussion about trans issues is, unfortunately, often toxic. Tweets such as those sent by the tweeter contribute to that toxic atmosphere. The tweets are unacceptable.  

We also want to tell you the following about our CEO and her daughter.

The daughter is Jackie Green, now a young woman of 25. Jackie is, of course, deeply upset by the reference to her as being mutilated, castrated and sterilised. These statements are, and are intended to be, as hurtful as possible.  

Jackie is also distressed at the assertion that this was something that was somehow done ‘to her’. The only people deliberately doing anything 'to her' are the online trolls using the most abusive language about her. She would like the online abuse to stop.

By 16, she had undertaken extensive psychological assessment from independent experts before she was cleared for, and undertook, gender reassignment surgery. Her competency and full knowledge of all the implications was clear. 

At 25 she still considers that surgery, for her, was lifesaving, and is distressed at the implication that she was not capable and mature enough to make this decision. 

Our CEO Susie Green is used to online criticism. Susie is however disappointed that the tweeter, a mother, can casually accuse other mothers of 'child abuse' of their children. The discussion about trans issues can and should be better than this.

We condemn all kinds of online abuse, including that aimed at transgender people, including, unfortunately, children, young people and their families. The impact of this on a vulnerable minority that are too often the victim of prejudice and discrimination cannot be discounted. 

Online hate is vile, including the tweets sent about Susie and Jackie, and those sent to Caroline Farrow, the tweeter. We condemn the vile tweets sent to her as much as we condemn the ones she sent about Susie and Jackie. 

We welcome respectful and intelligent discussion about many topics involving transgender people, but the use of ‘child abuse’ ‘mutilation’ and ‘castration’ cannot, in any reasonable persons view, be considered to be acceptable.

Can the discussion about trans children please now become less toxic and abusive.