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Response to media reporting of the Police investigation of tweets about Mermaids CEO and her daughter

There has been media discussion about a complaint made about tweets about the daughter of our CEO.

Mermaids welcomes public discussion.  On this occasion the public discussion has not been accurately informed about the content of the tweets complained of.  The assumption has been made that the complaint is about misgendering, and that in turn has prompted the expression of strong opinions.

But the complaints were not about misgendering.  None of those in the media commenting on this matter have asked to see the tweets.  No media outlet has published them.  The tweeter herself had deleted the tweets. 

 We therefore include the tweets in this post.  

  Caroline Farrow tweet 1 October 4th 2018 Caroline Farrow tweet 2 October 4th 2018Caroline Farrow tweet 3 October 4th 2018 Caroline Farrow tweet 4 October 4th 2018

The tweets speak for themselves.  

You will see the tweets are a lot more serious than about misgendering.  They were allegations of serious misconduct and vile and spiteful personal attacks.  The content was not about misgendering and it is unfortunate that so much of the media has fallen for the incorrect claim that they were.

In essence, the public discussion about this issue has been wrongly directed.  

The fact that not a single item in the media about this matter has actually quoted the tweets also speaks for itself.

Our CEO has now decided that the complaints were being exploited so as to promote an inaccurate discussion of Mermaids and trans issues.  She had decided to ask the police to not to pursue the complaint on this occasion.

Hate crime is vastly under reported. The coverage of this story implies that people who report social media hate are wasting police time. This is an appalling use of media to deter and shame families and young people from reporting hate against them.

We understand that people may not be aware of how it feels to be a trans young person, or a parent supporting them.  But protection from hate and harassment is key, and this includes online.

If you have been affected by hate crime, you can seek help and support from a variety of organisations, including the Police, Stop Hate UK, Galop and others.

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