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The information and support provided by the Mermaids’ legal support service is not the same as legal advice. We recommend you consult a practicing lawyer if you want legal advice, wish to take formal legal action or want advice on the merits of your case.

We are developing a network of trans-friendly lawyers around the country, so please let us know if this is what you want help with. We also acknowledge that there will be times where making a claim in the County Court or Employment Tribunal are the best options. If this is the case for you then you should seek the assistance of a practicing lawyer and check if you may be entitled to receive legal aid, by clicking here.

We are also able to offer assistance in creating an action plan with a view to resolving your issue informally without the stress of going to court or a tribunal. If you feel confident then we will leave you to it and you can work through this yourself, please feel free to contact us if you need further support. We have been successful in resolving issues informally and always strive to resolve matters quickly and quietly, with the welfare of the child always of paramount consideration.