Hate Crime

A hate crime is any incident or crime which is motivated by someone's irrational hatred of the differences of others such as sexuality or gender identity. Sadly, hate crime against trans* people is on the rise so we have here some resources to help you deal with and report hate crime.

Whilst not all hate crime and transphobia is violent, discrimination still occurs in many forms, such as repeated or deliberate misgendering of an individual, exclusion from services or activities, or refusing to stop using a person's birth name (also known as dead-naming).

As much as we hope that you do not experience any hate crime or discrimination in your day to day lives, these incidents do happen, and we are here to support you and provide you with additional resources to help you cope with and report any incidents.

The sites to the right can provide some insight as to whether something that happens to you would be described as a hate crime or incident. They also have mechanisms for reporting hate crimes/incidents.