Resources for Professionals

Useful Videos

What is Gender?

Patchwork films of trans people giving their own personal stories

Victoria Derbyshire show "Lilly and Jessica"

CBBC's I am Leo

TED talk by Norman Spack- Endocrinologist - talking about treating young people with gender dysphoria

BBC3's Transexual Teen, Beauty Queen


Useful articles

Understanding Children's Atypical Gender Behaviour

What should I do if I think I might be transgender - The Guardian

Younger trans children

Why bathroom access matters



GIRES online resource for parents and professionals

A short trailer that features a series of e-learning resources, illustrated with film, to help practitioners and families understand better how to support trans people

Educate and Celebrate

GIRES online resource for GPs

This quicklink should take you to the summary page of the course and if you select ‘Start Gender Variance’ the page will route you through to a login page – if you are not registered with the eLearning Platform you are given the option to register for free after which you will be able to access the course (free of charge). Although the registration form asks for GMC or NMC number this is not a required field and can be left blank allowing anyone to access the course.


Non-binary information

What is Neutrois?

Androgyne online

Transitioning while non-binary

Beyond the binary magazine

Non-binary visibility, education and advocacy



A series of fact sheets for trans health issues- mostly applicable to adults 


Child and Adolescent Services:

The Tavistock and Portman Trust (England and Wales) Gender Identity Clinic

The Sandyford Clinic (Scotland)


Useful sites for teachers

GIRES lesson plans

Site for primary school teachers about trans issues

UK trans info resources for schools

Inspiring Equality in Education - School Resource

Inspiring Equality in Education - Primary Lesson Plans

Inspiring Equality in Education - Secondary Lesson Plans


Over 17s

Adult Gender Clinic Waiting Times

Nottingham Gender Clinic

Northants Gender Clinic

UK Good Practice Guidelines 2013 (Adult care)

Waiting time for Lower Surgery for Trans Women – Charing Cross Hospital

Rehab 4 Addiction - A free and confidential helpline for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in London


Private Support

Michelle Bridgman
Tel: 07973 508664

Dr Webberley

Dr Webberley is willing to take patients aged 16 and over.
She would be willing to take younger patients provided that she could see them face-to-face in an appropriate clinical setting and the assessment was undertaken by a pediatric mental health professional.  


Information About Reparative / Conversion therapy

Ukcp transgender statement

Controversy over conversion therapy LGBT rights in the Uk

Obama calls for an end to conversion therapy after the death of Leelah Alcorn


Changing names

Changing a childs details on the NHS