We are sorry that we can't give you definitive times when we can answer your calls as our helpline is covered by volunteers who have other family and work commitments. General hours covered are between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Friday. 

If your call is not answered, you can either leave a message and we can call you back or you can email us at  We understand that you may only be able to receive a call from us at a specific time, so please let us know when it would be convenient to call and we will try to call you at that time.  We won't call you outside of that time.

TELEPHONE: 0344 334 0550

We need more volunteers to help us to provide a quality service, with a 2 day training course and supervision and support provided. If you are interested, please email with a completed volunteer application form that you can download here and we will be intouch. We ask for a minimum commitment of 2 to 3 hours per week.

Web Chat

We are currently piloting a new web chat service. If you wish to speak to an operator and the service is shown to be available, just click on the 'Let's Chat' button. When there are no operators available, the 'Sorry our web chat is currently closed' sign will appear. 

Suite 5, 
High Street House,
2 the High Street,
LS19 7PP

To email us click here

Please can you ensure when you are contacting us by email that you include the age of your child (or your age if you are a young person contacting us) and where you are from