Family and individual support for teenagers and children with gender identity issues

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Support and Self Help

It is often helpful to talk to others who have gone through, or are going through, similar problems.

Contact with others, whether by telephone, letter, or in person, can help to deal with the feelings of loneliness and alienation that can arise.

Below are links to our Mermaids mailing lists, where teenagers can talk to their peers, and parents can discuss their problems with others who have experienced, or are experiencing, similar issues with their children.

Mermaids Mailing List
Open to young transgendered people between ages 12 and 19.

Mermaids Parents Mailing List
Mailing List for parents and carers.

Mermaids Proffesionals Mailing List
Mailing list for proffesionals dealing in a capacity of care for a child or young person. For example, in education, social or youth work.