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Parents Voices

In the Life Media

Parents often blame themselves when their child identifies as the opposite gender. Many feel isolated and alone, with feelings of loss, guilt and confusion. Although we dont have any contributors to this page as yet, we have found a blog that has a video of families in America, sharing their experiences of how their child's gender variance has affected them, and talking about the journey they have been on.

The overwhelming message in this video is that there is hope, and that the outcome is not as bad as you think it will be. Especially if you are only just comng to terms with your child's gender expression, or your child is struggling socially and personally, the world can seem a very dark place.

In the Life Media debuted the video online that includes members of PFLAG support groups explaining the difficulties and the joys they experience of having transgender and gender nonconforming children.


We have been given permission to publish the following stories, written by Laurustina, about her daughters struggles with her gender identity. They are particularly heart wrenching for anyone who has dealt with this as a parent. If you want to read more, then you can also visit her blog at

The Boy Suit

Socks, Drugs and the Loch Ness Monster


On the loose

Leslie Lagerstrom

Leslie Lagerstrom recently made the finals in a writing competition, Notes and Words, with her essay about her son, Sam. She has kindly given us permission to publish the story on our website, plus she has a blog at

It's a boy

A Mermaids Mum's story so far

This Mum sent in an email to give an account of the pain and the struggle that she has experienced, and in many ways still is. We asked if we could reproduce it on the website, and thankfully she agreed.

A Mum's Story

Poem written by the best friend to a Mum with a young gender variant daughter

Child of my heart

The shining star of your soul fell to earth within my womb
And I nourished you

You emerged into the light, awoke to the wide world
And I cherished you

You opened your wings, began to dance
And I rejoiced in you

You looked to me to help you fly
And I lifted you onto the wings of the wind.

What does the wide world know, that it would bind you to the earth?
Your very self shines clear to me
I will change the world to celebrate your being
And seek all my days to sustain your soul.

Poem from Belinda, Mum of young gender variant son


I walked through the door knowing things
would never be the same.
This was the start of it all new beginnings
and new name

As each wave fell to the floor
I looked on giving my child encouragement
yet inside feeling so raw.

Each long hair that I used to caress
Was chopped off with flippence and ease
not feeling my stress.

When finished it was still my child
looking back at me.
Smiling and Happy and now feeling free!

Who would have though a haircut could
change things for us all.
Making me feel so sad yet my child stand so tall

Goodbye my daughter, hello my son
Just a pair of scissors and the deed was done.

The tears are privately streaming down my face
but I must be positive, look forward.
My child is now in a better place.